about lily of the valley

We are Lily of the Valley, a safe shelter for young women survivors of sex trafficking and sexual abuse in Uganda.


We provide a safe home, healthy meals, educational opportunities, business skill training, and trauma-informed care for vulnerable girls ages 3-25 who have experienced abuse, sexual violence or similar trauma.


our story

Lily of the Valley was created by Namusoke Asia Mbajja of People in Need Agency Uganda (PINA Uganda), with help from Kelsey Nielsen and Olivia Alaso of No White Saviors.


Our home was created as a safe place for the Kalangala survivors, a group of 20 girls and young women who were rescued from Bery’s Place, an emotionally, physically, and sexually abusive shelter in Kalangala run by German national Bery Glaser, who is currently in jail awaiting trial for sex trafficking and defilement.


Prior to living at the Kalangala shelter, many of these girls experienced sexual abuse, poverty, and gender-based violence in their home communities as well. After leaving Bery’s Place, many of the girls experienced fear, powerlessness, distrust, confusion, and sadness for the pain they had endured, not only during their childhood but as adolescents living in a place that was supposed to keep them safe. 

Asia realized that what these young women needed was a place to not only feel protected and cared for but also empowered and strong. Hiding the girls away or putting them in group homes or orphanages would not be beneficial in the long run. These girls needed to heal from the trauma they had experienced while learning to support themselves and building a network of support and love around them. 

Here at Lily of the Valley, the girls are protected but living full lives. All of them attend school, whether formal or vocational, and during holidays you can find them working on their many business endeavors, which include craft-making, cooking, finance, tailoring and gardening. In their spare time they write, dance, play games, and occasionally go into town for a fun day at the zoo or to buy a treat of fresh fruit. 

We are overjoyed that the girls have found peace, joy, and power at Lily of the Valley. We know their futures are bright and are excited to see how they will change the world.

what we believe in

We, at Lily of the Valley, believe in: 


‧ #GirlsHelpingGirls – our home is in an undisclosed location and exclusively for women and girls to protect those under our care.


‧ Empowering survivors to live happy, full and successful lives while providing economic support for their families.


‧ Providing trauma-informed care and emotional support to show girls that their trauma does not define them and building a network of safety, care and support.


‧ Creating sustainable solutions to protect vulnerable girls and effectively handle cases of sexual abuse and violence.


‧ Survivors and will stand by them no matter what.